For Two Years, Harvard ‘Intellectual Vitality Committee’ Has Quietly Discussed Campus Culture

April 14, 2023 1 min read

For Two Years, Harvard ‘Intellectual Vitality Committee’ Has Quietly Discussed Campus Culture

by J. Sellers Hill, The Crimson

A group of Harvard undergraduates, faculty, and alumni have been quietly meeting over the past two years to examine what they see as a lack of free idea exchange at the College.

Committee member Shira Z. Hoffer ’25 wrote in a statement that the group welcomed those who “feel like Harvard could be doing better in striving toward veritas.” “The purpose of the committee is to brainstorm and implement ways to increase what we are calling ‘intellectual vitality’ on campus,” Hoffer wrote. “We believe that it is not just possible but crucial to engage with dissenting viewpoints, as long as we do so respectfully, and it is a passion for this engagement which brings us together.”

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