Meet the Team - Princetonians for Free Speech

The Princetonians for Free Speech staff is small -- but mighty -- in our passion for fueling the fight for free speech at Princeton and across campuses nationwide!
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Kaleigh Cunningham

Director of Outreach & Communications

Kaleigh Cunningham, Director of Outreach & Communications, Princetonians for Free Speech

"Princeton students are among the world leaders of the future. Helping those leaders become critical thinkers is crucial for society to flourish."

Kaleigh Cunningham graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2017 with degrees in Political Science and Environmental Geography. While in school, Kaleigh became a leader on her campus by founding a Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Throughout college and in the years to follow she traveled the country working on everything from local issues to presidential campaigns. Now residing in Montana, Kaleigh can be found getting outdoors as much as possible with her dog, Slevin, and empowering young people to act on behalf of the environment as the president of ACC-Missoula. Her favorite things to do outside of work hours include mountain biking, photography, cooking, skiing, and working on her yoga teaching certification.

Matthew Wilson, 2024

Marketing Manager

"Freedom of expression and inquiry are crucial features that underpin any intellectually serious institution of higher learning. The highest mission of a university—the pursuit of truth—is not possible in a campus environment where censorship, marginalization, and 'cancel culture' abound for those with unpopular ideas. Ensuring that Princeton remains a place where academic freedom is protected is a responsibility of every member of the University community—from current students to faculty and alumni."

Matthew Wilson '24 is a politics major at Princeton. He is originally from Virginia. On campus, he is the Chairman of the Undergraduate Honor Committee, the Treasurer of Princeton's Catholic campus ministry, a Research Assistant in the Politics Department, and an Undergraduate Fellow in the James Madison Program. He has also served as a Community Action Orientation Leader and as the Cliosophic Party chairman of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society.

Ethan Hicks, 2026

Writing Fellow

Ethan Hicks, Writing Fellow, Princetonians for Free Speech

"Free speech is an ideal that facilitates the free exchange of ideas and political participation necessary for a healthy democracy. Only by expressing what we truly believe can we begin to more fully understand one another."

Ethan Hicks '26 is studying economics from the small town of Perry, OH.




Myles McKnight, 2023

Programs Associate

Myles McKnight, Board Member, Princetonians for Free Speech"Princeton's first principle, its raison d'etre, is truth-seeking. As Princetonians, we have a responsibility to cherish our University's raison d'etre, and therefore to safeguard academic freedom. For without this condition secured, truth-seeking has no chance."

Myles McKnight, who graduated from Princeton in 2023, is now Public Discourse Fellow at the Witherspoon Institute and Research Assistant to Professor Robert George. As a student, he studied political theory and was the President Emeritus of the Princeton Open Campus Coalition, a student group advocating for academic freedom and robust campus discourse. He also served as the Managing Editor of the Princeton Legal Journal and as an editor for the Princeton Tory. He is a Co-Founder of the Princeton Rose Castle Society, an interfaith and inter-political dialogue forum. He recently won a Barry Scholarship for graduate study at the University of Oxford and was elected early to Phi Beta Kappa. He is an accomplished violinist, having given concerts and recitals around the world.


Khoa Sands, 2026

Writing Fellow


"Within a university setting, all students and faculty should feel free to express themselves, challenge orthodoxies and pursue truth. In keeping with the mission of a university such as Princeton, we all have a special responsibility to preserve free speech and free expression."

Khoa Sands is a student at Princeton University, concentrating in History. He is currently a General Officer of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society and Vice President of the Princeton Human Values Forum.


Alba Bajri, 2025

Marketing Fellow


" The University is uniquely positioned to facilitate an exchange of intellectual ideas in order to fulfill its truth-seeking mission. This mission can only be fulfilled in an environment where free speech is encouraged and students feel comfortable to share their views and challenge each other’s opinions in honest, civil conversations. It is our duty as Princetonians to stand up for free speech at Princeton and beyond."

Alba Bajri ’25 is a Politics major at Princeton. She was born in Albania, but she moved to Queens, New York with her family when she was 15 years old. On campus, she serves as the President of the Princeton Federalist Society, Recruitment Chair for the Princeton Legal Journal (for which she previously served as Associate Editor), Behrman Undergraduate Society Fellow, Western Humanities Sequence Mentor, and James Madison Program Undergraduate Fellow.


Anuj Krishnan, 2027

Events Coordinator


"Universities have a duty to shape responsible and inquisitive citizens, individuals that cultivate their own critical beliefs and contribute to the pluralism which underlines the strength of our democracy. When we neglect or hinder free speech we hamper our ability and confidence to have the difficult and often uncomfortable conversations which I believe are the backbone of personal growth and what it means to truly have a transformative educational experience."

Anuj is from Edmonton, Canada pursuing a major in the School of Public and International Affairs with minors in Italian and History. On campus, he is a member of the Princeton Debate Panel, Hindu Satsangam and a U-Councillor on the Undergraduate Student Government.