Princeton’s Hunger Artists Should Pursue Reasoned Advocacy, Not Spectacle

May 23, 2024 1 min read

Bill Hewitt
Princeton Tory

Excerpt: About Kafka’s great story, “A Hunger Artist,” Richard A. Posner observed, “The hunger artist is tormented by his inability to convince an indifferent world of his artistic integrity.” So, too, Princeton’s recent hunger artists’ professed anguish that the University had not endorsed their cause.   

Princeton’s hunger artists have decamped their recent performance protest on Cannon Green, but their hunger strike created a void that lingers still. In hopes of bending the University to their will, 13 Princeton students had deployed a public hunger strike. Further, 70 or so of Princeton’s faculty signed an open letter of clarion support for these students’ self-flagellating efforts to impose their demands. Rather than urge these students not to harm themselves, the faculty letter histrionically condemned the unmoved University administration.

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Excerpt:It is not surprising for a boss to think that employees should avoid saying things in public that might damage the organization for which they both work. It is not even surprising for the boss to understand “damage” to include making the boss’s own life more difficult.
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Guest Essay: Choosing Trustees Requires Greater Transparency

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Cory Alperstein ’78, Lynne Archibald ’87, Robert Herbst ’69, Jessie Press-Williams *23, Hannah Reynolds ’22, Ryan Warsling *21
Princeton Alumni Weekly

Excerpt: Every year, the Committee to Nominate Alumni Trustees calls for nominations for elections to be held in April. As alumni who care about Princeton and its place in the world, we responded. However, in the unofficial year of democracy, our experience has left us with many questions about who really runs the University.  . . . Our concerns relate . . . to the process and profound lack of transparency of the Board of Trustees and the Committee to Nominate Alumni Trustees.
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Princetonians Student Free Speech Survey Shows More Work Needs To Be Done

June 12, 2024 7 min read 1 Comment

By Ed Yingling '70
PFS Co-Founder

The Princetonians for Free Speech (PFS) second annual survey of Princeton students is now available. This survey provides information on student attitudes on key free speech issues. Because the survey is being done annually, comparisons can be made to see if Princeton is making progress. Unfortunately, with three important exceptions, on most issues the survey shows little or no progress from the troublesome results in the first survey. In a few cases, the results are worse than last year. Clearly Princeton still has work to do.

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