Commentary: Princeton Case Shows That When Jews Get Attacked, It Suddenly Becomes “Academic Freedom”

August 30, 2023 1 min read

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Lori Lowenthal Marcus
Jewish Journal

Excerpt: “Wokeness” and cancel culture operate in reverse when it comes to the Jews. For all other minorities, the Woke Police eagerly sniff out barely perceptible (or non-existent) “harm” caused by a teacher’s stray phrase in a classroom, an actor’s comments, an author’s opinion, or a physician’s approval of biological facts.

But then there are statements about Jews. For these, even the most outrageous and wildly unfounded assertions about Jews and/or the Jewish State are not only permitted to be uttered but also tweeted and retweeted, expounded upon and, most significantly, taught as truth in classrooms.

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Froma Zeitlin
Froma Zeitlin

October 12, 2023

I reposted this essay in response to Myles McKnight. Free speech and academic freedom do not give a free pass to willful mis representation

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