Letter to the editor of the Daily Princetonian

September 20, 2023 1 min read

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Matthew Wilson and Alba Bajri
Daily Princetonian

Excerpt: To the Editor:

On Sept. 17, The Daily Princetonian published an article by Aidan Gouley ’27 entitled “Princetonians must invest in the marketplace of ideas.” The author calls on students to “situat[e] free expression in a liberal context,” claiming that “the debate on free expression at Princeton has been co-opted by campus conservatives” while slandering principled and nonpartisan free speech advocacy as “toxic and polarizing.”

Gouley’s allegation that conservative students have “co-opted” the free speech debate is an oft-regurgitated and thoroughly debunked trope. Articles leveling the same meritless argument have a lengthy history of appearing in the pages of this publication — and have been amply refuted. Gouley calls on students “to create an environment of learning for all in the natural exchange of individual ideas and experiences that both includes and simultaneously transcends the political.” But absentminded complaining about the co-option of the free speech issue by conservative students — the so-called “ideologues” making “overbroad claims about the ideological slant of the University” — does not help “bridge the political divide,” nor does it promote the free exchange of ideas.

Gouley’s assertion that “Princeton hardly feels like an institution where free speech is directly under attack” betrays a painful lack of awareness of the real problems facing our University.

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Doug Hensler ‘69
Doug Hensler ‘69

October 12, 2023

Wilson and Bajri give Gouley far too much credit for reasoned and critical thought. Gouley’s opinion piece is rife with self-contradictory opines and internal inconsistency. We’ll give Gouley the benefit of the doubt attached to being a freshman fresh off his high school indoctrination. We look forward to Gouley’s opinion in 44 months, the university’s prejudice against “old white men” notwithstanding.

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