Commentary: An open letter to President Eisgruber and VP Calhoun concerning minoritized student safety

May 01, 2024 1 min read

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Patrick Jaojoco, Brandi Bushman, and Humza Gondal (and many undersigned)
Daily Princetonian

Excerpt: We — the undersigned leaders, community members, and allies of cultural affinity groups of Princeton University — condemn in the strongest possible terms the University’s utter disregard for the safety and wellbeing of its students of color, the ongoing racist policing of students of color, and a total dismissal of the demands for divestment that our communities have made through peaceful demonstrations.

When Princeton’s endowment supports the state of Israel (and U.S. military action), which is committing a genocide that actively targets the families, friends, and communities of Palestinian students, it is clear that our safety is not on your list of priorities.

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James R. Wells, '46
James R. Wells, '46

May 03, 2024

I think the best thing for Princeton at this point in time would be to close it’s doors and shut down for a year immediately following commencement. Take a year off – let the “brilliant faculty” pursue their own paths for a year – earn their own income. Let the Administration and the Trustees spend a sabbatical rethinking what its mission really should be. Princeton apparently seems unable to set forth or follow any clear or useful mission at the present time. A year off might be refreshing – especially if they spent time studying the educational goals of the early university presidents.

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Fun does not discredit a cause, but a protester who enjoys himself has a harder time demonstrating his commitment than one willing to suffer. This weekend I spoke with one of the latter. David Chmielewski, a Princeton English major from Torrington, Connecticut, along with 11 other Princeton community members, spent 10 days on a hunger strike to call for the university to divest from Israel.
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